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Escape (Dyer's Lament)

Seattle, WA

Fun that never

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Spacewar! illustration

(Dyer's Lament)

  • You may have lost your job
  • Or never be able to retire from it
  • You can't afford to go out
  • But you can always stay home
  • And play a video game
  • "Virtual" is of course
  • The digital
  • The on-screen world
  • As opposed to existence
  • In real life
  • "Virtual" also denotes potentiality
  • The directions in which
  • An actual situation
  • Might develop
  • Computers create potential universes
  • Where spaceships battle
  • With photon torpedoes
  • Just for fun
  • Turning the apparatus
  • Of American air defense
  • Into a digital playground
  • Converting it into commodity form
  • The basis for
  • A multibillion dollar industry
  • Virtual games
  • Give themselves a dynamic autonomy
  • Virtual games
  • Generate intense human immersion
  • What do these playthings of empire offer?
  • Escape
  • Escape
  • Escape